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The ERC20 DOGETOKEN you've been waiting for
Send ether to 0x8b9C35C79AF5319C70dd9A3E3850F368822ED64E
Get 100,000 DOGETOKEN per ether plus bonus

What is it?

Dogetoken is an ERC20 token that's fun to use!

Dogetoken is a token honoring Dogecoin, the fun and friendly internet currency. Dogetoken is not Dogecoin.

After purchasing Dogetoken (DGT), you can easily send DGT to your friends.

That's pretty cool!

Get Dogetoken

To get Dogetoken, send ether to this contract address:


100,000 Dogetoken costs 1 ether

View the token on etherscan

Much Bonus

First 500 ether gets a bonus!

If you send 0.1 to 1 ether, you get a 5% bonus

If you send 1 to 2 ether, you get a 10% bonus

If you send 2 or more ether, you get a 20% bonus

The bonus lasts up until 500 ether

For example if you send 1.2 ether, you get:

120,000 + 12,000 (10% bonus) = 132,000 DGT

How it Works

Dogetoken is a digital product that is minted on demand.

Owning Dogetoken is like buying a coat for your pig in Farmville.

There are no refunds, and there is no inherent value.

It is not backed by anything, except the future joy you will get by sending it to your friends.


Total Ether

Total DGT Issued